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Tonight (Hotel Arena)


Last Sunday 17.00 - 01.00

€ 12,-/€ 14,-

Hotel Arena is a hotel with a big dance club. It is the current location for Salsa Lounge parties, organized by Mo. Parties have also been given at the Escape venue and on the beach in Zandvoort in the past.

The Salsalounge parties have a unique concept. There are several areas and rooms offering different styles of Latin music and ambiences. There's a lounge area and you can even eat in the fancy hotel restaurant. Many have tried to copy this type of party, but no one has achieved the level of success of the SalsaLounge - the parties are mostly sold out in advance.

The Salsa area is in a beautiful old church hall which is divided into two floors. The dance floor is large and comfortable. It is a good idea to come early though, because there is not much room to dance in the later hours - at least in the ground floor. The second floor provides space if the ground floor becomes too full. The regular Salsa DJ is the popular DJ Mauri, who plays all kinds of Salsa and knows the lyrics to most songs as well.

It's interesting to move from the Latin House areas to the Salsa area. The difference in both music and ambience is huge - it's like stepping into a different world. I don't have to explain which world has my preference ;-). Salsa Lounge parties are very popular with a young and hip crowd that likes to dress up. See for yourself on the Salsa Lounge website. Hotel Arena is located on the east side of town.


Oostelijke Handelskade 4

1st Sunday 20:00 - 00:10

€ 10 (pre)/
€ 12,50

Panama is a night club that in its few years of existence has build up a name for itself. The club is different indeed: more classy and more expensive. There is a Salsa party on the first Sunday of every month. It is called Latin Fever and it is very popular.

The different levels with seats surrounding the central stage/dance floor give the place a very nice atmosphere. The Salsa evenings are organized in cooperation with Jorge Suarez of Swing Latino. Besides the Salsa area there is also a smaller Brazilian area for Brazilian music and Zouk lovers.

Panama is located in the east side of town in an area that is still under development. It has a flashy web site. There is also a website for the Latin Fever parties where you can find pictures of the parties.


Tweede van Swindenstraat 26

1st Saturday, 21.30

€ 10,-

The Muiderpoorttheater is a theater location which is used for live music Salsa parties about once a month. The dance floor is quite large and comfortable. It is square-shaped with one corner reserved for the band. This places the band in a central position with respect to the audience, which adds to the atmosphere. The band starts somewhere between 22.30 and 23.00, which makes these parties start (and end) quite early for a Saturday night. If you are to late you may find the place is sold out. Het Muiderpoorttheater is located on the east side of town.

Het Werkteater

Oostenburgergracht 75

Some Saturdays, 21.30

€ 10,-

Het Werkteater is a small theater that is used for a number of different purposes, including the TV Show Kopspijkers. The dance area is a on the first floor, reachable via a large stairway. The large dance floor is very smooth - take care when selecting your shoes. There is live music by different local bands. The crowd and atmosphere are similar to the Muiderpoorttheater, not surpising if you consider that these parties are also organized by dance school Sabroso.


Spaarndammerstraat 460a

2nd and last Fridays, 22.30 - 02.00 

€ 5

Dance school Salsa4Fun has recently renovated their location for lessons and parties.  It is now a very classy place with a beautiful 150m wooden dance floor, leaving enough space to dance. There is also a bar and lounge area.

Since most people are obviously students of the dance school, it is a good place for those we feel intimidated by the dance level (and music) of some of the other clubs. There is a 'Noche de Fiesta' party on the 2nd and last Friday of the month and a 'Club Mystique' party on the first Saturday of the month.


Stadsplein 100a

some Fridays, 22.30 - 02.00 

€ 10/ € 14

P60 is a medium sized concert hall/theater in Amstelveen. The place is used for Salsa parties by dance school Extremos. The setup is somewhat similar to SalsaLounge, with a Salsa area and a Latin area. However, there is more room to dance. The dance floor is a bit stiff, but the organizers are working on it. P60 is located in the center of Amstelveen.

Vak Zuid (Creme de La Salsa)

Some Sundays, 20.00

€ 14,-

Vak Zuid is a restaurant and café in the old Olympic Stadium (the Olympics were held in Amsterdam in 1928). The stadium has been beatifully restaurated a couple of years ago. The club is somewhat difficult to find as the stadium is a huge building. The floor is plain concrete - not my favorite type of dance floor. The couches around the dance area are moved away during the party as more space is needed when it becomes more crowded. Although the party has the subtitle 'New York Style Latin Party', it's all LA Style what's danced here. The DJs are Willy & Mauri


A.J. Ernststraat 102-104

Festige is the Salsa location with the largest dance floor in town. Around the main dance area, there is balcony with room to sit and a marvelous view of a few hundred people doing their thing on the floor.

Festige was a very popular party location for some time: at som point there were three organizers who used the location. Perhaps this was overkill as it has become quiet for some time. However, a new party has recently been started by Rumba Latina.

Festige was also the main venue of the European Salsa festivalclick to go to the website of this club in 2003. Festige is located in the south of Amsterdam in Buitenveldert.

Club Ebony, Buikslotermeerplein 7

Brasa Studios, Willem Fenegastraat 12

Grand Café Het Vervolg , Corridor 2 (Arena Boulevard) (Some Fridays)

Centro Cultural de Hispanohablantes, Willem Schoutenstraat 1A (Some Saturdays).


Additions, comments & questions to:
Edwin Hautus
(DJ Eetu)