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The club scene

    As you can see from the index, there are quite a few places to go Salsa dancing in Amsterdam and everyone of them has different atmosphere.

    During the week, there are several cafés that have reserved a day to fill up the quieter parts of the week for Salsa classes and dancing. These places are typically small, cheap and the atmoshpere is relaxed. Then there are the typical Dance School locations, where beginners come to practice the things they just learned in class. Then in the weekend there are also Latino Café's, where 'social' aspects is more important and dancing is relaxed. Finally, there are also Salsa Scene places, where you can find the real dance freaks showing off their tricks.

    The club pages are divided into a daily, weekly, monthly, and concert halls.

    Salsa Clubs Map

    Click on a marker for details.

    Salsa clubs graveyard

    Some clubs that used to have Salsa: Ram's Party Centrum, AMP, Het Voorbeeld, Cafe de Engel, El Popo, Cotton Club, Odeon, Fuegos, Alchemy, Akhnaton, Mel's place, roeivereniging De Hoop, De Watertoren, Meander, Dekreet, Margaritas, Comedy Café, B&W Mediacafé, Time, Marcanti Plaza, Iboya...


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