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Selected International Salsa sites

  • ToSalsa, a very good site from Toronto, with lots of general dance discussions and topics. It is a bit like the old Salsaweb.
  • New York Salsa, isn't that the place they used to call New Amsterdam? ;-) This site has a a lot of interesting dance articles in the Dancer's Magazine.
  • Salsaweb, the pioneer salsa site from Los Angeles. This site has been very important for the evangalization of the LA Style through the Internet. Edie, the Salsa Freak's dance tips section is still very interesting, covering every aspect imaginable. Unfortunately, not much new info is added to the site anymore.
  • SalsaPower, an active site from Miami dedicated to the Casino style of dancing. They also have a lot of info about Cuban music.
  •, the best site for Timba. You can find a huge amount of info on the music style that is popular now in Cuba. It doesn't cover dancing.
  • Descarga, Salsa magazine and CD shop. The most complete source for Latin music information!

Selected Dutch Salsa sites

  • Salsanet, A large site on Salsa and Latin music in the Netherlands.
  • Salsa community, site with a lot of photos and stories.
  •, the Internet version of the popular and quite complete paper agenda for Salsa in de Randstad.
  • Salsa Startpagina, links only (but lots of them) page.
  • Salsa Boogolinks, another link page

Regional Dutch sites

  • Salsalamanca More Salsa from the south: area Den Bosch
  • Latinnet, Salsa in the North-East of the Netherlands, with
    agenda, photos, news, forum, etc.
  • The Latin World, Salsa info for the north of Netherlands
  • Salsa info, info for the Southern part of the Netherlands


Some dance schools and Salsa organization in the Netherlands


Other International Salsa sites

Salsa Travel & Cuba


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