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Salsa Bands and musicians

Here is a list of Dutch bands with homepages:


Musicians and bands contacts

  • Bass player Dennis Biesmans is looking for other musicians in the Amsterdam area to start a Timba band in the style of Los Van Van, Manolito, Pupy, etc.

  • Tropical Sabor is looking for a female latin singer. They play different kind of latin such as cumbia, mambo, merenque, salsa, kaseko, bolero. 06-55730546.

  • Joaquin Arteaga, drummer and percusionist from Venezuela, just moved to amsterdam, is llooking for serious work. He plays salsa, merengue, caribean styles flamenco and Funk, on drumset, congas bongo, timbal or cajon. 06-17670250.

  • Pianist (male, 29) is looking for a salsa/latin group of intermediate level. Experienced in playing the piano, but just started his development within this field(s) of music. Now looking for an enthousiastic group to develop towards performance level.


Here's an incomplete list of DJs active in the Amsterdam area.

Info Phone
Alex G    
Beto 'El Bravo' specialized in Salsa, Guateque, Merengue y Bachatas, Salsa Vieja y
06 - 19568855
Daiquiri   06 - 54238682
Eetu The webmaster of this site...  
Franz Allround Salsa DJ in latin music, specialized in salsa music from America,
Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba
06 - 27208536
John de Colombia    

'El Terror'

specialized in old and new Salsa (Salsa vieja, Guateque, Son Cubano, Son Montuno, Bomba, Plena Puerto Riqueña, Salsa romantica, Cha-chacha, Guajira, Son, Guaracha, Guaguanco, Pachanga) 06 - 24436941
Justin combines cuban salsa, african salsa (Africando)soukous, bachata, merengue and zouk. 06 - 27008616
Lady Dj Tania    
Lady Dj Nucita    
Mimo   06 - 11044056



06 - 25221919

Real Trovador specialized in Timba and other Cuban music  
Richenel   065 368 21 93
Rick   06 - 28716358
020 - 6957668
Sigi Allround dj in latin music, specialized in Salsa (modern & classic from America, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Santa Domingo etc.) and Merengue.

Sosa Allround Latin DJ from Dominican Republic: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Vallenatos, Bubbling, R&B, House etc. 06-21968048


  • VJ Mart, the only Salsa VJ in town.

Dance companies


Additions, comments & questions to:
Edwin Hautus
(DJ Eetu)